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Using online technology to increase in-store sales

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If you are a manufacturer or brand, chances are that one of your ultimate goals is to drive traffic and sales through your retailer channels. In this sense, the ongoing relationship between you and your retailer has always been important, and is typically sealed with the kiss of co-op advertising spend. However, other means of support can be overlooked, specifically – using your online eCommerce and advertising channels to help further drive that in-store activity. There are several easy and highly-effective ways to do this:

Target online advertising around your retailer’s locations. Today, a few very savvy companies are taking advantage of a cutting-edge technology called Geo-Weighting. Geo-Weighting allows you to incrementally display advertisements to potential customers within varying ranges of your retailer – the closer a person is to a store, the more likely they are to be hit by an ad.

Measure in-store sales in as many ways as possible. Along with the traditional methods of monitoring inventory, there are several ways to measure the effectiveness of display campaigns tasked with boosting in-store activity:

  • Estimate sales lift by comparing the buying habits of users who have seen ads versus a control group of users who haven’t.
  • Work with an attribution partner who can monitor store lift by tracking users who viewed an ad and then visited a retailer.

A smart advertising campaign uses all of these methods and more, along with unique retailer partnerships, to boost in-store activity. Take a look at ownerIQ’s Retailer Targeted Marketing solution to see how this can help you, too.

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  • location is one of the most vital ‎factors you can use to focus an ad campaign strategy. Geo-targeting is extremely powerful as it only markets in the location where the advertiser actually sells ‎his/her product Geo-targeting is a cutting edge online technology which exceeds tradition advertisement by leaps and bounds

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