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We’re at the PRO Show, Wednesday, March 16 – Come see us!

pro show

What: ownerIQ Speaking Session – How David Can Advertise like Goliath

When: Wednesday, March 16, at 3:40-4:20 p.m. (200-Level Breakout Series)

Who: ownerIQ’s own Brendan Conroy and Christine Bixby

Where: PRO Spring Convention and Trade Show, Lincolnshire, IL

The annual Trade Show brings together independent Photography Retailers from across the nation to discuss trends within the industry and what’s coming next.

Now that you have all the deets – let’s dive in deeper into what you can expect to hear at our speaking session: How David Can Advertise like Goliath. The world of advertising and marketing is increasingly crowded – and each day brings forth new challenges. When it comes to big players like Amazon, Adorama, Best Buy and B+H, their limitless advertising budgets can certainly seem intimidating. These companies appear to dominate online marketing channels, so how can you, a PRO dealer, ever hope to compete?

Easy…Join our session and listen in as we discuss adopting the latest in digital trends and employing a smart, efficient online advertising strategy that will help you steal the share from the industry’s behemoths. It’s entirely possible, it just requires some creativity.

See you at the Pro Show!

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