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Spread the love: Share your local in-market shoppers with your retailers

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Advertising can be wasteful. In today’s world of information overload, everyone runs the risk of advertising and marketing to many, while reaching if just a few; contributing to outright inefficient strategies. Think about it… How much time and budget do you invest in reaching customers who may or may not purchase your products?

But at least you, the brand, know who your customers are; they’ve visited your website or you’ve found them in relevant places online, in turn placing your ads accordingly. You’re most likely promoting a single brand, a group of products, and perhaps a support and service.

Advertising can be REALLY wasteful if you’re a retailer. While retailers also know who their customers are, they’re entrenched in an increasingly dense landscape, surrounded by like-minded and competing retailers eager to take their place. Rather than having one brand and a group of products, retailers have one purchase destination with few (if any) unique products – and similar prices and promotions. Not only do retailers need to reach customers, but they also need to compete with numerous other retailers who are doing the same thing.

From the retailer’s perspective, any opportunity to eliminate advertising waste through reaching a qualified audience is a win.

Well, YOUR audience is that highly qualified audience. By visiting your website, consumers are shouting from the rooftop that they’re on their path-to-purchase. Sharing is caring, right? So why not spread the love by allowing your retailers to access your first-party data, or your highest quality audience data that’s also incredibly valuable to them. This strategy is known as second-party data sharing, and it’s ownerIQ’s specialty. Read more about this invaluable data set in our latest eBook Not All Data Parties Are Created Equal.

What’s more, because most of your sales take place at a retailer, the opportunity to connect your customers with a local retailer will drive sell-through of your products and contribute to a stronger relationships with your retailers.

And the best part? You can share your unique audience with any or all of the retailers available in ownerIQ’s second-party data sharing platform without offering up any personal information about your consumers. In today’s ever-changing shopping landscape, it’s really all about one’s unique browsing behavior instead – no demographic info necessary.

It’s simple. It’s effective. Learn more today.

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