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What are your potential customers up to? Want a hint?

audience overlap

Shoppers who visit your site, or your pages on retailers’ sites, are interested in what you have to offer. This is the low-hanging fruit that advertisers have been picking and eating since the earliest days of advertising and marketing. These potential customers are highly qualified shoppers, and should absolutely be marketed to, giving them that final push towards conversion. But if these are the only shoppers you are advertising to, you are missing a golden opportunity to expand that push to equally-qualified shoppers with similar shopping behaviors.

Enter what we fondly refer to as Audience Overlap, or the analysis of shopping behaviors across all retail categories to identify non-intuitive relationships between your buyers and seemingly unrelated out-of-market shoppers. Through the use of exclusive third-party data partnerships, and sophisticated machine-learning, you are now able to identify similarities between your shoppers and the audiences of other brand and retailers, expanding your advertising audience to new areas you may not have even considered.

For example, through our exclusive retailer partnerships, we noticed that shoppers looking at Telecomm sites were approximately 8x more likely to also visit a top auto parts retailer, when compared to the average online shopper. Once you identify these relationships, you can expand your advertising reach, and find potential customers outside of the scope of your existing campaigns!

Get more information on how to identify these powerful Audience Overlaps here.

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