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Retailers and Brands: A Match Made When…Shopping

brands and retailers

You may have heard this before: 50% of the consumers who visit your brand website will make a related purchase in the next 30 days. In fact, 83% of them won’t buy from the brand’s website. And most likely, this purchase will take place at some local or online retailer.

Savvy retailers know that brand audiences are extremely important; they are highly qualified and promise high conversions and order values. It’s just that consumers who visit your website may not even know about your retailer’s destination, which can lead to an abandoned shopping cart, both virtually and physically. Your preferred retailer may reach your potential consumer using various marketing tactics, sure, but without knowing precisely what they are in market to buy, the chance of that consumer making a purchase diminishes.

So brands, what’s the best and most clear-cut course of action to help nudge those initially interested consumers from your website in the direction of your desired retailer(s)? Hint: Second-party data – i.e. sharing your unique audience. The shopping behavior data of your website audience is easily the holy grail of qualified in-market shoppers retailers have never been able to reach before directly. Most importantly, access to this valuable audience reaches the retailers’ local and relevant shoppers.

As you prepare for your next meeting with your top retailers, what if you bring something new to the table instead of more margin and more commitments? Bring your unique audience.

Getting setup is simple and effective. Learn more here.

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