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How to Share Your Unique Audience with Your Retailers

how it works

Product brands, this post’s for you. Oh, and it’s for your retailers, too…

You may have heard about the value of allowing your retailers to access your unique website audience. But just in case, here’s a quick recap:

  • 50% of your website visitors will make a relevant purchase in 30 days.
  • But the majority of your sales take place at retail (online or in store).
  • Your retailers need to expand their reach with as little waste as possible.
  • Driving local in-market shoppers to retail destinations accelerates product sell-through.
  • Your unique audience is a powerful tool for driving product sell-through at retail.

So what now?

ownerIQ’s second-party decisioning solution allows you (the brand) to share your unique audience with any or all of your retailers in the form of media opportunities – not customer information. Here’s how:

  1. ownerIQ places a small piece of code (aka a tag) is placed on your website.
  2. Co-branded online advertisements are created and uploaded into our platform.
  3. Retailers run media campaigns on your highly qualified, unique audience.
  4. Customers that visit your website see co-branded advertisements online and click through to your retailer’s website.
  5. A customer views (and hopefully purchases) your product at the online or in-store retailer location.

To sum it up, with ownerIQ, your retailers can reach and convert highly qualified in-market shoppers. In turn, you sell more products and generate repeat orders. The result: happiness and goodness for everyone. And it’s that easy.

Learn more today.

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