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Breaking the Barriers of Geo-Targeting with Geo-Weighting


As a shopper, think about your path to purchase. If you’re like most consumers, you might hear about a product from a friend, research reviews on your phone or desktop, search for sales in your area, and ultimately make that purchase in-store.

But look around – the pace of the world today has intensified; change is a constant, and innovation is fast becoming the new norm. As for what’s taking place on the advertising and marketing front, it’s more of the same; with ever-increasing digital complexity driving the ability to target and reach the right in-market consumers.

But there’s a catch. While digital, or various forms of electronic media, is understandably all the rage, the fact that 90% of shoppers are still buying in-store isn’t changing anytime soon. So how do advertisers drive in-store outcomes while simultaneously leveraging online browsing behavior?

ownerIQ’s new eGuide, Opening the Gate to Geo-Weighting, defines and explores popular Geo-Targeting techniques advertisers and marketers use to drive consumers in-store, and takes a closer look at why it’s time for such techniques to evolve. More importantly, however, is the focus on a comprehensive but lesser-known approach to facilitating retail impact called Geo-Weighting.

Revolutionizing Geo-Targeting advertising and marketing tactics, Geo-Weighting is an advanced technique that uses the power of second-party data to go far beyond identifying buyers within an arbitrary radius, honing in on the use of intelligent user-level audience data to reach in-market buyers.

Access this FREE eGuide to discover how Geo-Weighting quite literally breaks the barriers of traditional location targeting with individualized precision. Get key insights on what’s not working and learn to:

  • Target via user-level proximity to drive your shoppers to physical store locations with Geo-Weighting
  • Use intelligent audience data to reach in-market buyers potentially outside an arbitrary radius
  • Solve the issue of wasted ad impressions by targeting consumers based on location and user-data vs. location only
  • Increase lift in conversions by 3X and reduce CPA by 63%

Download this eGuide to see why sometimes the grass really is greener on the other side of geo-fence. 

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