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Turn Shoppers into Buyers with Second-Party Data

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The world today is more interconnected, complicated, cluttered, mobile, and digital than ever. The same goes for the world of marketing. As the only constant, change is paving the way for an increasingly altered path to purchase, where at any given point, your consumers are online. There is no offline. So if you’re a retailer – or know someone who is – you know that it is absolutely imperative to take the continuum of change into account in order to drive demand and increase overall sales lift. Equally important is staying competitive – all the more difficult given the nature of today’s overcrowded advertising and marketing landscape.

As we continue to progress and realign our shopping behaviors, one thing will continue to exist: a shopper’s very first decision to make a purchase. It’s like love at first sight. Regardless of what triggers, or sparks, one’s intent to buy, the fact that there’s something out there that sets in-market shoppers off on a particular course, more determined than ever before, is undeniable.

The current digital path to purchase, however, is rocky – it’s more disruptive than ever – and consumers are stepping over countless competing products on their way to a purchase. Not to mention the smaller companies entering the online market; these players are capturing key market share and fragmenting the path even further.

A recent Deloitte study found that over the last five years, the top 25 established retailers have lost nearly 2 percent of their combined market share, which equates to a whopping $64 billion. And as digital continues to fuel the intensity of competition, the burning question is – how do you present yourself as the right one in a landscape bustling with choice? How do you, the retailer, ensure that the shopper is paying attention to what you have to offer at their first intent driven moment, all while thriving in today’s tumultuous retail marketplace?

The answer to creating lasting impression lies within creativity, or rather, with thinking outside of the box – even backwards. Looking at the situation from another angle, ownerIQ’s new eGuide, “Winning Intent-Driven Moments with Second-Party Data,” explores the importance of utilizing the brands you sell with ownerIQ’s end-to-end second-party data solution for retailers to access, manage and market to the audiences of their key brands.

Access this FREE eGuide to:

  • Reach shoppers at their first intent driven moments with second-party data
  • Ensure 100% accuracy in targeting in-market shoppers at scale
  • Dominate share of voice among prospective shoppers with your highest valued brands
  • Drive demand, increase sales, and achieve measurable ROI

Ready to dive in? Here’s your chance.

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