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ownerIQ’s Data Sharing Platform: Key Updates You Need to Know

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Transparent second-party data is no longer just another data segment you read about here and there. On the contrary, it’s happening now and those in the know are actually using it. Moreover, marketers and advertisers are seeing quantifiable value in their digital marketing campaigns from sharing their audience data with trusted partners of choice.

Q Thoughts publishes a good deal about what second-party data is and how it works, so we won’t go into those details here. Rather, let’s talk about the platform that facilitates the nifty ability to share one’s first-party data for dynamic digital advertising; creating a new means for revenue and greater brand awareness.

ownerIQ’s Co-Operative Audience Exchange, or CoEx, is the first and only second-party data sharing marketplace for brands, retailers and programmatic advertisers to share their online audiences. CoEx enables 600+ retailer, brand and ecommerce partners to safely and securely transform the browsing behavior on their website into rich advertising targets. Not a minor achievement. And the growth of 2nd party data is only adding to the platform’s rich capabilities.

So before we dive into the latest and greatest updates, let’s quickly recap some of the platform’s existing benefits for a better understanding of where the new contributions work to both perfect and simplify the second-party data marketplace…

Current capabilities for users participating in CoEx include:

Complete Control – Control who sees your message and who can advertise against your audience.

Brand Security – Grant access to only the approved advertisers to target your audience for full data security.

Reporting – Track and review your campaign performance or audience usage 24/7 with dashboards and industry leading audience insights.

Creative Library – Easily upload your creative to seamlessly manage your creative process.

Creative Sharing – Share your creative with partners of choice to ensure that co-branded campaigns represent your brand in the best way.

Moving on to the new stuff, or the most recent updates designed to enhance the overall experience, here are some recent feature updates:

Audience Approvals and Creative Sharing: Second-party data sharing is kind of our thing, so we’ve made it even easier. Brands, approve a pending audience request and share your active creatives all in one fell swoop, getting your retailers promoting your brand sooner. Retailers, you’re up and running in a flash, less wait time to get you on your way to campaign success.

Tag Manager and Audience Insight Reporting: Visit the updated My Audience section to manage your ownerIQ tags and view unique audience insights. ownerIQ tags allow you to enhance campaign performance, track customer activity and gather reporting only available through ownerIQ. Create new tags or just check in on what you already have placed.

That’s all for now, readers. But because CoEx is on a continuous mission to improve the end-to-end experience of second-party data sharing, feel free to keep checking in on all of our advancements right here on Q Thoughts. We promise to keep you entertained!

To learn more about CoEx, including how to get started with 2nd party data sharing, please visit: http://www.owneriq.com/coex

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