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ownerIQ Releases Second-Party Data Modeling to Scale Auto Campaigns


Here at ownerIQ, we have always been committed to utilizing second-party data modeling for achieving better scale and relevancy in advertising and marketing campaigns. When it comes to identifying, reaching and converting the best prospects for its clients, ownerIQ is consistent in its ability to develop new strategies for various campaigns and industries – one of which, in particular, comes with a unique set of challenges ripe for transformation using second-party data decisioning solutions.

ownerIQ has just launched a new auto vertical solution for auto campaigns, addressing the diverse goals of auto clients, including brand awareness, new product launches and driving purchases at dealerships.

“Accuracy and scale is an issue for any auto brand today using third-party data segments to execute their digital campaigns, whether it’s a brand or dealership-specific initiative” says Heather Widman, Director of Product Marketing at ownerIQ. Access to second-party data, specifically shopping data, will change that.”

In addition to third-party data segments, these brands also turn to relying on DMV data, which is highly relevant but limited in scale. ownerIQ is bringing second-party data solutions as an alternative to the auto vertical, providing the transparency, relevancy and scale marketers have been craving.

Widman hopes their solutions will become the new standard for the two most common types of auto campaigns: new model launches and dealership campaigns. “Today, to support the launch of a new model of mini-van, an auto advertiser would likely purchase a “parents” or “moms” segment to try and get targeted reach at scale. However, research has shown that the accuracy of that third-party data set, i.e. its ability to deliver against the actual audience purchased, can be as low as 30% to 40%. Transparent second-party data will change that accuracy to 100%.”

In addition, integrating ownerIQ’s second-party data cloud directly with their decisioning engine creates a vastly better infrastructure for audience modeling which can be extremely appealing in the auto category where customer groups vary so greatly by car model.  “Because the data and tech are integrated, our audience models can get very granular,” says Widman. “For instance, our solution can see the difference between the shopping and buying behavior of a Ford Focus customer versus a Ford Fusion customer. As an added bonus, unlike opaque solutions we actually show our auto clients the complex models we build through our unique customer insight reports.”

Lastly, for campaigns looking to drive consumers to dealerships, ownerIQ’s Geo-Weighting solution integrates physical locations of dealerships into its ad decisioning. The combination provides more effective targeting by driving your most qualified in-market consumers to their nearest dealerships.


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