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Dealerscope asks “Is ownerIQ the New King of Data?”

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Bob Scaglione, SVP of ownerIQ talks at his ‘Peer into the New Reality of Data-Sharing’ panel at CE Week 2016.

“The best way to describe second-party data is to describe what it’s not,”Bob Scaglione, Senior Vice President of ownerIQ said after his panel at CE Week New York.

First-party and third-party data have widely been the go-to information for a long time, but both have significant shortcomings. That’s where Scaglione and the brains behind ownerIQ come in.

Boasting more than 600 members and reaching more than 200 million shoppers (beating out Amazon Scaglione said), the programmatic media buyer occupies an unfamiliar range. This data has always existed; they just found the key to making it profitable. Read more in the full article on Dealerscope here. 

Watch Bob Scaglione be interviewed at CE WEEK 2016 on why ownerIQ is leading the industry in second-party data:

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