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How One Retailer Increased In-Store Traffic with Second-Party Data

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Brokering relationships is one of the most difficult steps in any business strategy. It’s also one of the most important and deciding stages in any collaborative initiative, with a partnership’s ability to either facilitate success or lead to ultimate failure. The biggest challenge of all, however, entails knowing just who to partner with for achieving mutual and lasting benefits.

ownerIQ’s Second-Party Data Decisioning Solution is built specifically for these momentous stages, building and fostering the right relationships for your marketing and advertising initiatives. But how do we do this? Here’s a Case Study to help illustrate:

Bath & Kitchen Idea Centers, a regional plumbing and home improvement showroom that specializes in remodeling, new construction and repair work, came to ownerIQ looking to do what so many are always prioritizing: drive in-store traffic, increase brand awareness, and grow their online presence. So here’s where things get interesting…

Using ownerIQ’s solution, Bath & Kitchen Idea Centers launched a second-party data strategy to target the in-market shoppers that had recently visited their key suppliers’ websites. In effect, this was a partnership between Bath & Kitchen Idea Center and their suppliers; working to significantly increase showroom traffic and improve brand awareness.

The outcomes?

  • 1.2M co-branded ad impressions served
  • 370K unique shoppers reached
  • Expanded brand audience portfolio

Bath & Kitchen Idea Centers utilized its unique brand shopper audiences to target qualified and in-market consumers at scale. Second-party data created the ability for Bath & Kitchen Idea Centers to find new and relevant in-market shoppers through key partnerships.

And now, a word from the Advertiser:

“ownerIQ has been a valuable partner in helping us not only reinforce our branding online but also providing us the opportunity to work more closely with our preferred brand partners. Our ad campaigns have helped us bring product awareness and drive traffic into our showrooms.” – Daryn Cherry, National Showroom Manager, Winsupply Inc. (Bath & Kitchen Idea Centers)

To view the full Case Study, please click here.

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