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The ownerIQ Difference: Co-Op Advertising

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At ownerIQ, we know how challenging it is to run a business in today’s increasingly competitive landscape. From ordering merchandise to selling product on the floor, staffing, payroll, deliveries – you name it, you’re probably doing it.

If you are selling manufactured products, there is a good chance that you have some co-op marketing funds available to use in your advertising and marketing efforts. Co-op funds? We’ll explain.

Co-op funds are those made available to retailers from their manufacturers in an effort to assist the retailer to “sell-through” product. Usually, these funds have a direct correlation to how much product a retailer buys from the manufacturer, but not always. Sometimes the manufacturer will issue a set amount to each of their retailers, or will allow any retailer who presents a good business case for funds to receive co-op dollars.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find these funds, use them properly and then get reimbursed after you use them.

The Q has relationships with hundreds of manufacturers. This, along with the experience of our Co-Op Programs Management team, makes it easy and seamless for you to make the most of every co-op/MDF dollar you have at your disposal.

ownerIQ will assist you in your quest for co-op dollars, and…

  • Streamline the process and the many fine details of finding and using co-op for you.
  • Work closely with you to help identify available co-op funds.
  • Obtain the necessary creative assets.
  • Request and receive pre-approvals.
  • Assist with reimbursement in a timely manner.

Interested in getting the best for your co-op dollars? Learn how by contacting: Candice Geers, Co-Op Programs Manager, 857-254-3334, cgeers@owneriq.com

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