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MediaPost: The Advent Of Second-Party Data


Extra! Extra! Read all about second-party data! The industry is all over the hottest data set, and we’re happy to report that this fine data segment is not looking like just another data trend. Why? Because it’s proving seriously useful in all three categories marketers and advertisers deem critical for data success: transparent, relevant, and scalable.

Here’s an excerpt of the latest informative article by MediaPost Staff Writer, Philip Rosenstein, highlighting today’s adoption of second-party data.

Think of second-party data as first-party data acquired from another firm, or a brand using some other brand or retailer’s first-party data for its own marketing goals. The way in which this data is shared between parties varies; there are often constraints that prohibit data being shared with competitors, and other particular revenue-sharing procedures.

“Brands are often worried about losing control of their proprietary data if they share with too many third parties. The lack of understanding about the structural constraints when using second-party data is hampering the growth of such data-sharing initiatives,” said Steve Ustaris, CMO of ownerIQ, a company that provides a platform for second-party data solutions.

Firms like OwnerIQ aim to make it easier to obtain second-party data by providing a marketplace where retailers and brands can make connections with each other in a transparent and accelerated fashion.

Despite barriers to the wholesale adoption of second-party data usage, Ustaris believes that a majority of retailers and brands will be party to some sort of second-party data-revenue-sharing relationship by 2017.

While large companies the likes of Oracle and Adobe are moving into the business of developing second-party data relationships, there are often arguments over compensation models, noted Ustaris.

To continue reading, please visit: http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/282515/the-advent-of-second-party-data.html

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