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Still Retargeting? We Found a Better Alternative


We have some good news and some bad news. The good: according to Forrester Research, 50% of your website visitors intend to buy a product within 30 days. The bad: this doesn’t mean they’re buying the products you have to offer. A visit to your website is just that, a visit – a short stay of consideration. This is why so many swear by retargeting.

But retargeting is far from the only way to utilize your website audience. Your website and the first-party data (anything from your CRM data to other on-site audience behaviors) it collects is a treasure-trove of predictive and actionable insight. If you’re still relying on this valuable data to retarget retarget retarget in hopes of driving your e-commerce efforts, you’re spending way too much time and money on the same old, wasting precious impressions.

Moreover, the data you use in your marketing strategies is a key indicator of how well (or not so well) your campaign will perform. So if you’re continuing to rely on the anonymous cookie pool of some random group of consumers, you’re falling behind your competition – fast.

The solution: STOP using the same retargeting data and transform your audience into a powerful digital advertising tool with ownerIQ’s Second-Party Data Cloud to share your audience data with the product brands you carry in order to…

  • Secure additional marketing investment from the brands you sell
  • Support product sell-through
  • Drive additional traffic and conversions
  • Generate significant amount of ad revenue

We have a tough time believing you’re new to second-party data, but if so, you’ve come across the right blog as it’s ownerIQ’s specialty. To quote AdExchanger, second-party data is so compelling that once, “securely sharing audiences becomes possible, opening up a new era where second-party data is poised to reign supreme.”

Ready to see the platform in action? Take a minute to explore our second-party data ecosystem today.

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