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Give Your Customers Immediate Retail Satisfaction This Holiday Season


Digital is our way of life – there’s no going around it. The online marketplace has contributed to an increasingly disrupted customer journey.

Not a good thing for us retailers – especially when gearing up for holiday season; the biggest happening in retail. With all the noise out there, it’s imperative for retailers to alleviate shopper stress by providing consumers with more convenience on all fronts of the customer journey: online and in-store.

Here’s some more food for thought: According to eMarketer, “32% of holiday shoppers in 2015 bought online and picked up in-store.” ownerIQ’s new Geo-Weighting technology taps into this very trend – consumers shopping from the comfort of their own homes, then quickly and easily picking up their purchase in-store.

With ownerIQ’s new solution, you can find consumers who live (and shop!) near your store location(s) and geo-reach them with relevant messages; driving them to buy online FROM YOU given the convenience of your location. Now that’s a strategy for worth celebrating.

Sound complicated? It’s not, we assure you. Here’s how it works:

Geo-Weighting tech considers users close to a store but treats each user differently depending on individual interest (determined by browsing behavior) and distance from a store (determined by latitude and longitude). After all, shoppers are a unique bunch and should be treated as such. Thus,instead of treating shoppers like numbers grouped together in a particular radius, the technology strategically removes limitations pertaining to the size of a certain location, equally targeting small and large population areas.

Check out our new eBook and learn the key steps for getting started today.

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