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Today’s day in age is abuzz with all things data. Most predictions about the future rely on data from the past. In other words, having access to reliable data or information is key to any truly involving initiative; be it data for deciding what to get for your best friend’s birthday or what marketing message is more likely to resonate with your chosen persona. And when it comes to YOUR brand, the need for access to the right audience data is just as crucial for overall marketing success. You’re either reaching the right consumers with your brand message, or you’re not. It’s really almost that simple.

Here’s the catch: there are many data types out there promising to deliver the right stuff – brand awareness, engagement, conversions, you know the deal. Moreover, because digital has rocked the traditional path to purchase – presenting consumers with more information, power, and choice – the right audience data is now more dispersed and difficult to understand than ever before.

  • 80% of consumers interact with brands or products through digital before reaching a retailer
  • Digital influenced 64% of all in-store sales in 2015
  • With the addition of mobile, consumers are always online – offline is a thing of the past
  • 49% increase in time spent by consumers online in the past 2 years

But you didn’t ask for any more challenges, the altered shopping landscape naturally bestowed them upon you. Headache alert.

On top of this, as a brand selling through the retail channel, you may also be tasked with balancing and supporting your brand in your own direct to consumer (DTC) initiatives.

You invest greatly in getting qualified shoppers to your website in the hopes of generating awareness of your brand and engaging consumers, all so you can convert shoppers to customers. Your competitors do the same thing. And while you want as many sales as possible to take place on your website – where you get the best margins – the truth is that the majority of sales will end up in the retail channel, and those channel partners are a vital part of your business.

The retail channel, however, is just as competitive. This presents a conundrum: If most consumers are buying at a retailer, and not on your website, how do you help ensure that they are buying your brand and not your competitors’ offering?

Ask no more. Access our latest eBook, Second-Party Data for Brands, and uncover five key strategies for reaching your potential customers, at the right place, using the right data.

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