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Q the Spotlight: Lizi Ham, Part 1


Hi, my name is Lizi, I am a fourth year Studio Art major and Entrepreneurship minor in the middle of my seven-month internship here at the Q. As the first post in a monthly series of four, I plan to begin by telling you what my interests are and explaining how I ended up here. So, what is an artist doing at a digital marketing company that specializes in second-party data sharing you ask? Well, in addition to having a never-ending obsession with glitter, and a habit to put too much cream cheese on my Friday morning bagels; I also have a big interest in the future of advertising. What is the future of advertising? That my friend, I can’t answer (yet). I am hoping that working at ownerIQ will bring me closer to figuring this out. What I do know, however, is that ad delivery is growing increasingly complicated with every day that passes. Through some creativity and clever data handling, I think it will eventually become more simple. But of course, I’m still learning.

In my search for an internship, I won’t lie, I was pretty lost. The few criteria pre-programmatic marketing and digital trend-savvy Lizi had was to find a company that was innovative in its field while being involved in the advertising world through a unique perspective which wasn’t being conquered in many other places. I had no idea what exclusive spins were out there already, but by a favorable twist of fate, I seemed to find exactly what I was looking for. And now, here I am in South Boston at ownerIQ, sitting between a stack of one sheets titled ‘Digitally Connecting Retailers & Brands Through the Power of Second-Party Data’ and box of fresh pastries from Flour, our local bakery.

I found the internship through Northeastern’s co-op program. After discussing my career goals and the intentions of what I would like to get out of the experience with my co-op advisor, she suggested I apply to ownerIQ. I was very excited to do so as I saw I would be working with other Northeastern students who had taken advantage of the program in the past and putting my creative and entrepreneurial skills to the test. Objectives change every day at the Q and in a way so does my job description, so I make sure I stay on my toes. Fortunately, so far I have a good grasp on my career direction. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no idea how to explain to anyone what I plan to do next because it does not exist yet. Join me next month to read about what else I have learned, and see if I am any step closer to changing the media world.

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