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The (Online) Shoppers Are Coming!

Holiday spending is expected to exceed $634 Billion this year. We’re sure you’re aware that consumers are choosing to purchase more and more of these products online, but did you know that 80% of ALL consumers research product and brands online prior to making a purchase, whether or not that purchase is online or in a physical store?  That’s a lot of online activity!

How do you reach these shoppers and get them to buy from you?

If you’re a retailer and sell online = Maximize your high-intent digital advertising channels.

If you’re a retailer and sell offline (in-store) = Maximize your high-intent digital advertising channels.

Yes, both scenarios are the same. Consumers who are researching products online and displaying a high likelihood to buy a product, whether or not they buy it online or at a physical store, are the people you want to reach. Good news, ownerIQ can help. Contact retailsolutions@owneriq.com to learn how you can “Own Your Market” this holiday season by reaching local, or national, shoppers researching products for the brands you sell. Take a look at some recent holiday shopper stats below!



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