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Get Creative This Holiday Season

Winter shopping season

If you’re familiar with ownerIQ, you know that we believe everything starts with data, second-party data that is. But we don’t stop there…

When coupled with our turnkey creative capabilities, our unique second-party data strategy targets the right user not only at the right time and on the right device, but with the right, most relevant creative message.

Looking to drive business outcomes with strong holiday creative this Q4 season? Of course you are! And holiday creative is a great solution to bolster your ad performance this quarter.

As we quickly approach this key buying season, now is the time for brands and retailers to leverage their highly qualified in-market shoppers and capture those shoppers by utilizing ownerIQ’s best-in-class holiday creative solutions.

With holiday-specific creative, brands and retailers can increase consumer engagement, overall campaign performance and, the best part, impact consumers purchasing patterns not only leading up to and during the holidays, but after as well.

Check out all the ways creative can make an impact:

General Holiday:

In an interesting article about unlocking creative potential in the programmatic sphere, The Drum states that “ensuring the right creative is in sync with [programmatic] data insight is not something marketers can claim they have nailed, and that’s where creatives can really make their mark.” Au contraire. ownerIQ can nail this! Let us develop holiday specific creative that, when coupled with our unique second-party data, will amplify all Q4 campaign outcomes.


Holiday Messaging A/B Testing:

By Halloween, roughly 40% of shoppers have started buying holiday gifts. Our clients can capitalize on early bird shoppers to test offers and promotions via multiple creative iterations. With these, ownerIQ can optimize creative according to the offer that drives the most conversions to increase sell-through for our brands and retailers.


Peak Shopping Days:

According to Adobe Digital Index, shoppers spent $2.74 billion online on Black Friday in 2015 and $3.07 billion online on Cyber Monday. Up to 33.6% of sales originated from transactions on mobile devices. Mobile, huh? Don’t forget about our recently announced mobile creative offerings. Check them out on our Capabilities Page!


Post-Holiday Sales:

Following the 2015 holiday season, ownerIQ saw 20 million uniques interact with post-holiday sales. The data says it all — shoppers don’t stop holiday shopping on December 25. Help us help you to take advantage of all the post-holiday action, from promotions to sales, via customized creative.

Whether the goal is to increase sales to a specific retailer or on a specific day, drive in-store foot traffic, promote sell-through of a product and/or generate brand awareness, holiday specific creative is the gift that all brands and retailers need this season.

*Images included in this post are examples of campaigns ownerIQ has run in the past and/or is currently running.

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