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Q the Spotlight: Lizi Ham Part 2


Hello, again. In my last blog post, I summarized my interests and my intentions for working at ownerIQ. I finished by saying I would let you know what else I had learned and what I planned to do with that information. Well, after some thought I have your answer.

As I last mentioned, things at the Q change pretty quickly due to the dynamic nature of the digital marketing industry. As the co-op, I assist each member of the marketing team which means I’ll be on creative one day and marketing strategy or analytics the next. As a result of this, I have been fortunate enough to experience the Q from all angles. Concepting and creating a secret garden wall for the BIMA gala and traveling to Connecticut for Q-Posium are a few of the experiences which have allowed me to see programmatic marketing as an entity of many dimensions.

This approach I have taken is largely in part due to the co-op program, for which I am very grateful because my temporary and learning-oriented role within ownerIQ has taught me that the best way to understand and ultimately improve something is to view it from as many perspectives as possible. Co-op gives students that flexibility because we are expected to engage with our role. We have routine self-assessments with required referral to the learning outcomes we chose at the beginning of co-op to keep us on track of what we are learning. I have been able to go back to these and make sure my learning is on track.

Moving on to how my initial thoughts on programmatic have changed from the start of my co-op until now, I have recognized what bodes well and what areas still need some help. I originally understood programmatic advertising as the algorithmic buying and selling of advertising space, which it is. However, I now see more to it and understand that there is much more development that can be done on this fast-evolving topic.

Having taken a class in the history of advertising the semester before I started my co-op, thoughts on the goals of advertisements have been fresh in my mind. As I learned more about the ad industry today, I started to compare the focuses then and now. When ads were first created, they stood to connect a person to a product. In other words, the focus of the ad was to turn someone into a customer by convincing them that they personally need this product.

While ads still have this intention, I think the main focus of the industry today has shifted to impressions and numbers. With this has come removal of the human element. Yes, the ads today are personalized in that they are geared toward individual shopping behaviors, but this is based on the patterns of others who are similar to you, and no human likes to feel as though they are a stereotype. I think programmatic advertising is a massive step in the right direction, but a human element is equally necessary So, the question is: what can I do for the industry with my creative perspective? I can’t wait to find out!

Am I any step closer to changing the media world? The code has not yet been cracked, but at least I know which direction I’m headed. Thanks ownerIQ for a fabulous seven months and a fresh programmatic outlook!

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