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Towards the end of the year, you better believe that your holiday shoppers are still out there. And they’re a jumbled group; one day they’re purchasing at a nearby mall, and the next they’re browsing online – visiting one site after another over a cup coffee. We know this because we are those very shoppers. And let’s agree, getting our attention is hard work. So what’s the best way to appear at the top of our go-to shopping destination list? Hint: Data transparency and scalability.

Without a realistic goal this holiday season, your marketing campaigns and strategies can run amok or simply fail short. So how do you best assess what’s most likely to work at this stage of the game?

The answer is not simple to come by, especially when everyone in the digital landscape seems to have their own opinion on different measurement tactics. But the age old rule of measurement still rings true: Aligning your goals, KPIs, and measurement strategies is paramount to the ultimate success of a campaign. During the critical last few weeks of December, knowing more about your customer can make all the difference.

To the point, you now have the green light to step up your measurement game by:

  1. Understanding your overall campaign goal to make measurement and reporting easier to navigate.
  2. Redefining relevant measurement metrics and specific attribution rules by media channel to provide actionable learning that can be used intra-campaign to better optimize.
  3. Applying measurement tactics to use your digital marketing budget efficiently by choosing the right channels to reach your target audience
  4. Making more effective campaign decisions and improve your ROI.

ownerIQ’s reporting capability allows you to understand how reaching users in one channel may lead to conversions on another. We know that it’s absolutely imperative to measure campaigns cross-channel. What’s more, we know that measuring your customers, beyond just your media campaigns, is just as necessary. ownerIQ has access to millions of unique shoppers and a unique way to classify all of their shopping behaviors to understand what types of products and brands your set of consumers are engaging with outside of your company website.

Your action item: Simple. MEASURE. Repeat.

AND – make sure to check out our new holiday eGuide, The Q4 Scramble: 5 NEW Digital Marketing Tactics That Actually Work, to uncover more savvy last-minute tactics for reaching your end-of-year shopper.

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