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Leveraging Product Support Within the Omnichannel


The omnichannel is changing the way retailers provide a product support experience for their consumers. Consumers are viewing retailer brands from their smartphone, then may switch to a tablet or desktop, and then finally head over to the brick and mortar store. Simultaneously, TV ad spend is decreasing as content is being consumed through several channels. This results in a vast array of devices, platforms, and systems that retailers must choose from in order to offer the appropriate product support education to consumers.

Here’s some more food for thought: In a study performed by Nuance, 67% of respondents said they preferred self-service over speaking to a company representative.

With ownerIQ’s product support for E-Commerce solution, you can solve consumer needs throughout the Omnichannel. 

Where to educate consumers – According to Deloitte, “63% of shoppers that used multiple channels prior to purchase had an AOV above $100.” It’s important to make sure that your marketing message is available through all channels. This means providing product support content that would normally be on the manufacturer’s site, on your site.

How to influence the purchase decision – Make sure that content provided to the consumer is at the appropriate time in their journey. When you provide content that is not applicable to the problem the consumer is looking to solve this can impact brand resonance negatively. For example, a customer doesn’t go to a support site for fun. They have a problem that needs to be solved so if you help them solve that problem it is highly likely you can influence their purchase decision today, or in the future.

Reduce customer service phone calls – When you provide product support information that can be accessed via a self-serve method, time and money are saved. Over 50% of consumers surveyed on ManualsOnline assume they can get product support material from their online retailer. When a retailer does not provide product support documentation this causes confusion where the sale can get lost by having to bounce to the manufacturer site.

Growing product support content in the Omnichannel is far less complicated than most make it out to be. Learn how to get started today.

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