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Three Ways to Grow Your Audience at Scale with Duress Shopper

Purchasing programmatic media is great except when marketers continually bombard the same person with the same old advertisements. Why does this happen? Most programmatic media buys are simply retargeting, making it incredibly difficult to grow at scale. While marketers can find success early on, it’s simply not sustainable.

Introducing Duress Shopper, the ideal audience for marketers looking to target a specific audience poised to make a purchase. What is a duress shopper? Duress shoppers are customers driven by the immediate need to replace a durable good that has stopped operating or no longer meets their needs.

  1. Increased AOV – Duress shoppers are targeted by ownerIQ’s decisioning algorithms based on duress signals where users customers have visited customer service/product support pages of manufacturer or retailer websites. These are people that are not looking to have fun; they are interested in solving a problem ASAP. Therefore, this audience is poised to purchase and likely will increase AOV as they tend to be incredibly loyal, especially when they are presented with a stellar support experience.
  2. Receive 17% ROAS – Adding this premium audience as a layer to your programmatic media purchasing grows the campaign at scale. During our 2016 case studies, we analyzed 3 advertisers in the following niches: Home Appliance & Consumer Electronic Retailer, Small Appliance Product Brand, Home Improvement Retailer. When combined, each was able to clear their goal of surpassing ROAS by an average of 17%.
  3. Improve Brand Resonance – Did you know that when consumers make a purchase from a retailer, 50% of them believe they are able to receive product support resources from that retailer? When this information is unavailable and they are bounced to the manufacturer’s site to find the information on their own, the end result is a poor support experience. According to eMarketer, “54% of millennials said they stopped doing business because of poor customer service. Additionally, 50% of Gen Xers and 52% of baby boomers felt the same way.” Serving this demographic at the appropriate time is a great way to increase brand resonance.

Next Steps: If you’ve made it this far you’re probably curious where to go from here.

Email Robert Foley, Product Manager for Duress Shopper, to see if this solution is right for your brand. As always, feel free to fill out the form here to get a walkthrough of the ownerIQ platform.

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