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2017 IHHS Show: How Has Digital Changed Today’s Path to Purchase?

On Saturday, March 18, Connie Johnson, EVP, Business Development, Manufacturer Vertical at ownerIQ, presented an educational session titled, “New Digital Media Trends for Driving Outcomes at Retail,” at the 2017 International Home + Housewares Show in the Innovation Theater. The presentation (a packed house!) shed light on the dramatically altered path to purchase in digital marketing today.

“The path is built and directed by the consumer,” stated Connie. What’s more, 91 percent of today’s shoppers go into a store as a result of an online experience, and 80 percent of consumers interact with brands or products through digital before reaching a retailer. Which is why now, more than ever, “marketers need to adapt and change how they engaged with shoppers.”

ownerIQ’s second-party data solution empowers durable goods manufacturers and their retailers to leverage one of their most valuable assets (their in-market shopper audience visiting their websites) to identify a new view into the shoppers’ profile, drive outcomes at retail and on the manufacturers’ own websites.

“We have entered a new era of something the ad tech industry calls second-party data or data sharing,” expressed Connie. Second-party data is built specifically for combining the first-party data of one partner with the first-party data of another relevant partner, achieving complete transparency on desktop and mobile.

In a nod to a recent Forrester Research study, Connie echoed that 88 percent of retailers and durable goods manufacturers will be deploying some type of data sharing in their marketing strategies within 12 months.

Rounding out the presentation, Connie emphasizing that data sharing is evolving into a new form of cooperation between retailers and their vendor brands. “It’s imperative for digital marketers in this industry to take advantage of technologies and platforms that are empowering brands and retailers to drive sales outcomes.”

To hear a voice recording of Connie’s presentation at the 2017 IHHS show, please click here.

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