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The Q at The New England Group Product Show

This week, ownerIQ sponsored and spoke at The New England Group Product Show which took place on March 28th and March 29th. The digital marketing panel focused on independent retailers and how they can make the most of their digital advertising to drive shoppers in-store.

The Q’s own Trish Flaherty joined ReachLocal, Netsertive, Torus Marketing, and Google to speak on a panel web services, paid search, and display advertising. An especially interesting discussion stemmed from the moderator posing this question: “Where should you start with digital advertising?” While many responded that paid search was the way to go, Trish was prepped with stats pointing to the fact that not all shoppers embark on their path to purchase with search as the first destination. In fact, many of today’s in-market shoppers browse a brand’s website well before venturing to buy from a retailer.

Trish also spoke to how display advertising helps boost paid and organic search, referencing a Google-conducted study showing that HomeAway, as one example, saw an increase of 49% in paid and organic search clicks after running display ads. Furthermore, a survey by Retailer Web Services found that 80% of today’s shoppers do not actually know much about their local retailer(s). This implies that when it comes to independent dealers, the need to focus on brand awareness is paramount for getting in front of customers who may not otherwise know what their nearby retailers carry.

This is where ownerIQ’s Second-Party Data Marketplace comes in; using co-branded ads that represent independent retailers as data partners of particular appliance brands. Trish also highlighted that because shoppers are not naturally inclined to click on an ad, seeing an ad with a familiar brand name but an unfamiliar retailer name can lead the consumer to conduct a search on the retailer in response. More on the panel and description below.

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Expert Digital Marketing Panel Description:
What would YOU do with a $1000 per month marketing budget for digital advertising, and why? What is the most important action I can take as a small independent business owner to compete with the “big box” stores in the digital space? Get answers to questions like these – and ask your own – during our NEW expert digital marketing panel. Moderated by NEAEG’s Digital Strategist, Shelley Kanther, representatives from some of our favorite Preferred Digital Vendors will be on hand to participate in a candid discussion about the exciting and confusing world of digital marketing.

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