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Six Not So Average Digital Tactics to Boost Display Advertising

Time flies when you’re busy. And let’s be honest, when are marketers and advertisers really on pause? Instead, we’re usually well past the starting line, and simultaneously near the finish line of any initiative, year-round. Marketing is a stop-and-go cycle and it’s imperative to succeed at every step of the way.

At any point of the year, your marketing and advertising dollars can go a long, long way to securing success in the immediate future. At the same time, the earlier you plan and prioritize for peak shopping season, which varies depending on industry, the better positioned you are NOW, and the better off you’ll be for end-of-year success. Therefore, it’s critical you spend where it matters most (i.e. where your customers are browsing). Likewise, it’s imperative to stop relying on the same old marketing tactics. By this very minute, they’re worn and tired.

Moreover, your shoppers are a jumbled bunch; one day they’re purchasing at a nearby mall, and the next they’re researching online, visiting one site after another over a cup coffee. We know this because we are those very shoppers. And let’s agree, getting our attention is hard work.

In response, many of today’s savvy retailers and brands are doing something different to amp up and perfect their media initiatives. They’re operating in a fully transparent data economy, finding data partners to access, supply, or exchange high-quality first-party audience data (otherwise referred to as second-party data) for better, more targeted marketing outcomes. Huh? We’ll explain.

ownerIQ’s fully transparent second-party data marketplace has the largest portfolio of premium retail audiences on the web, with access to 1 billion online shopping behaviors of more than 200 million U.S. shoppers. Imagine opening a door to this massive pool of shoppers and reaching your in-market consumers in milliseconds?

This complimentary eGuide presents six NEW must-know display ad strategies for reaching your shoppers that actually work. Download now and learn to:

  • Partner with your top brands for increased advertising revenue and greater brand awareness
  • Give your customers IMMEDIATE retail satisfaction with location targeting
  • Make more effective campaign decisions to improve your ROI using CPA metrics
  • And much more

Access here.

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