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CoEx Feature Updates: Your April Checklist

At ownerIQ, we recognize the need to always, always stay innovative. CoEx, ownerIQ’s second-party data marketplace, powers today’s largest transparent data economy, and in doing so strives to ensure users are able to tend to all things audience data seamlessly.

Sharing and activating your first-party data with marketing partners of choice? Check.

Making readily available audience data more relevant, scalable, and effective to reach qualified prospects? Add another check.

With so much going on in the world of CoEx, informing our second-party data fan base on the latest and greatest feature updates as often as possible is priority. So without further ado…

Here’s your handy list of two recent CoEx feature updates:

  1. Account Relationship Settings. Enables complete data control while supporting the flexibility of complex client relationships. Agency, trading desk and company-direct users keep information secure within their own accounts but can share vital assets like tags and tag reporting.

Why the update?

You’ll no longer need to place multiple sets of tags or cram users into one account when working with ownerIQ through an agency or trading desk. Account Relationship Settings enables users to customize what they’d like to share through each of their relationships, such as tag reporting, tags for optimization and attribution, tags for retargeting. Additional setting options coming soon.

  1. Notification Settings: Quickly and easily choose which categories you are most interested in receiving email notifications about through the CoEx platform.

Why the update?

Enhanced ability to customize your subscription preferences to receive relevant communication from CoEx, such as alerts when you’ve received a request to share your data and reminders to check your campaign reporting.

Log in to check out these new features today.

New to CoEx? Learn more about the platform and here.

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