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Is your target audience conversion ready?

How do you know your target audience is conversion ready?

Every programmatic solution has their own scoring algorithm, using thousands of data pinpoints to determine when to bid on an ad in an exchange. The truth is, the number of pinpoints companies claim to process is traditionally quite exaggerated. Relevant and impactful data that influences the bidding algorithm is relatively similar across all solutions – until now.

ownerIQ leverages shopping behavior, allowing for intent driven buying and browsing behaviors to determine when to serve an ad to an online browser. At the core of our tech is the way in which we target the right person at the right time. The algorithm allowing us to find the right person for a product with an existing purchase intent is our EP Scoring (Expected Performance Score).

An EP score is an estimation of how likely any given opportunity is to convert for a specific conversion tag. While the opportunity is the intersection of the user, associated segments, domain, ad format, and exchange, most of what influences our EP score is shopping behavior.  We engage 220 million shoppers, ingest 2.8 billion shopping behaviors and over one billion dollars in e-commerce transactions. High EP scoring opportunities are nearly 400 times more likely to convert than an ad served at random.

We build targeting profiles using data comprised of Non-Personally Identifiable Information (PII) – including Segment ID, Domain, Browser, Time of Day, Placement and Geographical location.

Our EP scoring system takes this type of information and attributes from each opportunity and uses those inputs programmatically to place a bid on those opportunities that score the highest based on our scoring system. This allows us to focus ads on the target entities with the highest probabilities to convert, as a result maximizing your campaign’s performance overall.

Additionally, ownerIQ provides a Bidder Intelligence Report, which utilizes our EP Scoring algorithm, and allows Agencies and Clients to see reporting on a granular level about the way our tech works.


As you can see from the sample graph, our EP scoring algorithm using ownerIQ data, paired with our real time activation platform means we can heavily weight delivery towards the most likely to convert users instead of simply delivering randomly to the targeted audience.

Campaigns utilizing EP Scoring are 67 times more likely to reach a converting user. Get started today and take your campaigns to the next level by reaching out to your ownerIQ sales rep.

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