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How ownerIQ is setting Brands, Retailers and Advertisers up for Creative Success

You already know ownerIQ is changing the way retailers, brands, and marketers view and access data for digital advertising… but did you know ownerIQ has a robust in-house Creative Services team that can maximize the performance of those digital advertisements with standout, data driven creative solutions? When couples with our turnkey creative capabilities, our unique second-party data strategy targets the right shopper not only at the right time and on the right device, but with the right creative message and design.

ownerIQ’s Creative Services offers a breadth of ever-expanding capabilities from rich media product carousels to interactive mobile store locators and dynamic weather targeted units. We enable Q partners and clients to stand out amidst the noise and clutter of the digital landscape by crafting bolder, more personalized and engaging ad experiences tailored to perform towards specific campaign goals.

Rich Media: Finding value in engagement

Engage consumers with innovative and exciting ads that inspire user interaction and a higher level of engagement. From user initiated video to carousel units, ownerIQ will create standout ads that bring your campaign to life.

Dynamic Creative: Relevancy is key

The Creative message still matters. Keep your consumers engaged with ads most relevant to their unique profiles and behaviors by optimizing campaigns in real time through dynamic creative. Whether based on location, purchase path, or weather, we create and deliver on-point ads that speak directly to the individual.

Mobile: The device makes a difference

The customer journey has become increasingly mobile driven as 45% of all shopping includes some form of mobile interaction. Make sure your message is in front of the right shopper at the right mobile moment with ad experiences that take advantages of native mobile features including tap, swipe, and location to provide an immersive experience.

Video: High impact branding

Make use of your existing 15 and 30 second digital video assets such as TV spots of YouTube videos. No matter if you’re targeting a vast audience with a general message, or wish to drive sales through a specific retailer, ownerIQ delivers exceptional quality video experiences across all devices.

Ultimately, if you’re looking to strengthen consumer engagement, increase brand recall and/or lift online and offline sales, look no further than ownerIQ’s Creative Services. We’ll work directly with you to produce custom creative solutions skillfully designed to perform and exceed your expectations.

To learn more about our Creative Services, including capabilities and creative showcase, visit owneriq.com/creative-services. To get started, reach out to ClientCreativeServices@owneriq.com or your dedicated Account Executive today!


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