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ownerIQ reports fraud rate drastically lower than industry standards

Digital advertising has been part of the online ecosystem since its inception. Along with the ability to deliver ads to consumers online came the ability to provide analytics on the amount of people that saw the ad and the ad’s success of driving the ad viewer to purchase, and therefore the ability to deliver fraudulent analytics. Ad fraud has been a huge problem for programmatic advertisers and publishers and has cost the industry billions. Furthermore, as digital advertising has become more of a force, ad fraud has become more evolved and the techniques to combat it have become more advanced.

Ad Fraud is defined by the IAS as “any deliberate activity that prevents the proper delivery of ads to the right people at the right time, in the right place. Most often, ad fraud refers to certain kinds of traffic.” *

At this time, the overall industry standard for ad fraud sit around the 7% mark, and is up to 8.3% in the programmatic strain. The industry standard for video is sitting around 18.6% and 26.5% for programmatic. ownerIQ is proud to report that our display ad fraud rate is 1%, much lower than the industry and programmatic standard, and our video rate sits at a low 11% – right in line with the publisher direct rate.

ownerIQ works at three main levels to lower fraud rates:
  • User level (monitor and block for bots)
  • Seller level (monitor and block false inventory)
  • Publisher level (monitor and block for fake data center traffic)

“As an organization, ownerIQ is not only committed to lowering internal fraud rates, but has a commitment to sharing unique knowledge we are able to uncover through our monitoring practices. Within the year, we were able to contribute findings to TAG to dismantle a large fraudulent data center and protect other DSPs from losing spend,” says Greg Loeffelholz, VP of Platform Management at ownerIQ.

ownerIQ has been outperforming industry standards in ad fraud for years, and this recent scoring is a testament to the way in which our delivery practices have continued to evolve. In fact, we have practices in place to cut our current number in half, bringing our fraud rate even lower than it currently is.

For more information on how our ads perform against the competition, reach out to your ownerIQ sales rep today.




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