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ownerIQ Welcomes Walgreens as a Retail Partner

ownerIQ Welcomes Walgreens as a Retail Partner!

ownerIQ is proud to announce Walgreens as a new retail partner. With the addition of Walgreens, ownerIQ continues to add to the largest network of active online shoppers. Walgreens is the second largest pharmacy store chain in the United States and interacts with 10 million customers in store and online every day! 

Walgreens shoppers are busy people who enjoy the convenience of getting all of their household, personal care, beauty, cleaning, and grocery items in one place.  

Walgreens online audience includes 15MM monthly unique visitors and over 85MM Balance® Rewards active members. With over 8,000 store locations in all 50 states, approximately 76% of the United States population lives within five miles from a Walgreens location. 

Through ownerIQ’s partnership with Walgreens, you can target over 15MM active monthly household shoppers looking for personal care, cleaning, beauty, and grocery items.

The addition of Walgreens not only provides brands, retailers and advertisers a great opportunity to target high-end retail shoppers, but also pairs well with our already extensive portfolio of retail partners to enhance your digital marketing efforts.  

For more information on our Walgreens partnership please reach out to your ownerIQ contact or click here.

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