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Introducing ‘Featured Audiences’ in CoEx’s Data Marketplace

As we continue to make transparency and choice our priority, we are introducing a new update within our Data Marketplace that will make discovering relevant audiences faster and easier than ever.

Our new ‘Featured Audiences’ badge will showcase the latest and most relevant audiences at any given time within CoEx. Any audience with the ‘Featured Audience’ badge has been identified by ownerIQ as a relevant partner during important holidays, shopping seasons, and more. ‘Featured Audiences’ will be on rotation, so be sure to check in on our latest audiences when you’re logging into CoEx to check in on your campaigns.

How do I find the current ‘Featured Audiences’?
Login to CoEx and select ‘Data Marketplace’  on the ‘Audience Sharing’ tab’. When in the Data Marketplace, use the colored badge labeled ‘Q Promoted’ to filter down to the Featured Audiences.

From there, all advertisers in CoEx will have the ability to request and target multiple relevant audiences in their current or upcoming campaigns within CoEx.

How to become a ‘Featured Audience?
To learn more about our ‘Featured Audiences’ or to request to be list as a featured partner, please contact your ownerIQ account manager or simply contact customersupport@owneriq.com.

Stay tuned for more news and updates coming your way soon!

— Team ownerIQ

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