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ownerIQ’s pixel load time is 4x faster than the blink of an eye!


Deploying second-party data strategies to execute enhanced marketing and monetization techniques has become mainstream in the retail ecosystem over the past couple of years. Giants in the retail industry such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart have all adopted this strategy. The technology built behind these programs requires a pixeling framework that can seamlessly ingest data with zero disruption to the performance of the site. Here at ownerIQ, we have built our pixel to do just that for our partners, perform and load as fast as possible so as to not disrupt the site’s activities. Following the release of core updates in early November, we are now seeing our average pixel load time to remain consistently around 50-70 milliseconds. By comparison, our pixel load time is now 4x faster than the blink of an eye!

“ownerIQ has been immensely focused on making our tags as fast as possible for retailers over the holidays, as we have found that even the smallest lag in load time can drastically hurt conversion rates,” says Greg Loeffelholz, ownerIQ’s VP Platform Management.

According to a recent Akamai Performance Report, a mere 100 millisecond tag load time delay can reduce conversion rates by 7%, a two second delay in web page load time increases bounce rates by 103%, and over 50% of mobile site visitors will leave a page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Making our load times extremely competitive allows us to maximize conversion rates for our partners and maintain a critical response in load time.

The ownerIQ audience platform records an incredible amount of data each day through our pixels, server-to-server partner integrations, and DMP integrations. On an average day, our pixel platform records over 5 billion user activities. During the month of October, we’ve tracked 26 billion total product and brand interactions, $2.5 billion in revenue and 22 million eCommerce transactions, encountered 19 billion unique cookie and device IDs, and catalogued 2.6 billion shopping interactions with specific product types.

We track our pixel performance through multiple 3rd party platforms, including Evidon Trackermap, a widely used and trusted tool in this field, and Dynatrace. With billions of events tracked each day there may be a handful of individual tag fires that can be delayed, however with the newest platform upgrades our maximum response time spikes are far less frequent and less drastic when they occur. The maximum daily response times from OIQ tags have decreased from over 20 seconds to under 4 seconds.

Additional statistics from activities that leverage emerging features of our DMP:

  • Over 13 million users across 5 partners imported via CRM onboarding with Neustar
  • Over 120 million total segment activities imported from 3rd party DMPs including Salesforce, Adobe, Liveramp and Oracle.
  • 13 billion total device type interactions imported via partner S2S integrations
  • 2 million InApp users imported via partner S2S integrations

Our recent performance scores have led us to be able to confidently say that our pixel platform is now twice as fast as our industry DSP peer set and other major tag platforms. By comparison, the Google DCM guide states that average load times of Floodlight Tags are between 150-300 milliseconds which is 3 to 4 times longer than the ownerIQ average load time.

This past holiday season, we set new audience and transaction records with our retail and brand partners by ensuring that our pixels continue to load faster than the blink of an eye! Learn more about how you can work with the Q today.


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