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Now even more transparency and control over your data partnerships within CoEx!

Introducing Data Deals: Providing Significant Enhancements to Partnership Controls

Now data providers will have additional transparency into the data consumers’ intentions for where and how they plan to activate the data within each partnership request.

This allows for greater clarity between the data provider and data consumer and more timely responses to requests.

Key Features:

Campaign Activation Platform Control – Transparency for both the data provider and data consumer about whether the data can be activated on alternative external platforms in addition to CoEx

Campaign Promotion Transparency – Greater detail for both the data provider and data consumer about whether the campaigns utilizing the data will be co-branded and what type of pages they will traffic to

Saved Data Deals – Save a copy of a data deal to easily be used when requesting or pre-approving multiple partners

Deal Modification – Recipients of a request for data access can modify the proposal from the data consumer to align with their expectations

Data Deals are now live within CoEx! To learn more about how to create or respond to Data Deals, please contact your ownerIQ account manager or simply contact customersupport@owneriq.com.

Stay tuned for more news and information on data deals!

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