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How to Create a Data Deal in ownerIQ’s CoEx Platform

New CoEx Data Deals provide greater transparency & control between the data provider and data consumer. By providing activation plan details, data providers will have additional insight into how and where the data consumer intends to activate the data within each partnership request.

How to create a Data Deal in CoEx

#1: Select a member to request: To start a Data Deal in CoEx, navigate to Audience Sharing > Data Marketplace and select a member you would like to request by clicking Request > Create New Data Deal

#2: Name your data deal (required): This differentiates deals should you have more than one deal type

#3: Platform (required): Let the data providers know which platform(s)/ endpoint(s) you plan to activate the data

#4: Driving traffic to (recommended if you have a commercial relationship with the data provider): Communicate to data providers where the Data Activation will drive traffic

#5: Creative (required): Tell the data providers if you plan to have co-branded creative.

#6: Save your data deal as default: If you plan to submit the same deal to most data providers, set this deal as your default to easily submit to data providers in the data marketplace

Need help setting up your Data Deals? Please contact your ownerIQ account manager or simply contact customersupport@owneriq.com. Stay tuned for more news and information on data deals!

— Team ownerIQ

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