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How to Review, Respond and Modify Data Deals in CoEx

The recent addition of Data Deals in CoEx provides greater transparency & control between the data provider and data consumer when forming data partnerships in ownerIQ’s CoEx platform.

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How to review and respond to a Data Deal:
To review your pending Data Deals, in CoEx navigate to Audience Sharing > Data Marketplace > Pending Requests

Each Data Deal includes three fields filled out by the advertiser providing details on how and where they plan to use the data provider’s data (Image below).

Platform: Platform(s)/ endpoint(s) the advertiser plans to activate the data
Driving Traffic To:  Where & what type of page the media will direct traffic to
Will creative be co-branded?: If the advertiser plans to run co-branded creative

When a Data Deal request is received, there are three ways for the data provider to respond the advertiser’s request (Image above).

Accept:  Approve the Data Deal as it was proposed
Modify:  Counter the proposal with your requirements for data use
Decline: Decline the data deal or type of partnership with the advertiser

How to modify a Data Deal:
Not all Data Deal requests fit the data guidelines or the strategy of the data provider. The data provider has the ability to modify the Data Deal and submit a counter for the data consumer to review.

When a data provider selects Modify, they have the options to counter the three fields submitted by the data consumer.

When the counter Data Deal has been submitted, the data consumer will receive an email regarding the changes made to the deal. From there they are able to review the new deal, accept it, modify it, or decline the counter proposal.

Have Data Deal questions? Please contact your ownerIQ account manager or simply contact customersupport@owneriq.com. Stay tuned for more news and information on Data Deals!

— Team ownerIQ

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