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ownerIQ Strives to Give Retailers and Brands a Unified View of their Shared Shoppers

ownerIQ Strives to Give Retailers and Brands a Unified View of their Shared Shoppers
As Part of Overall Identity Graph Project, Company Makes Single View of Shoppers a Reality

BOSTON, MA — APRIL 17, 2018 — ownerIQ, the leaders in second-party data are giving retailers and brands a closer look into 1:1 marketing with a single view of their shoppers. As part of the company’s overall ARIA (Audience Recognition Intelligence & Attribution) Project, they are now ingesting hashed email addresses from their retailer and brand partners in order to inform their identity graph. ownerIQ now offers a single view of shopper providing more efficient digital marketing strategies for retailers and brands.

ownerIQ historically has provided retailers, brands and marketers an environment where they can acquire and share audience data with full control and transparency to run their digital marketing campaigns. As most shoppers use multiple devices during their path to purchase, it became increasingly challenging for retail marketers to reach a shopper and not device. ARIA creates a single view of a shopper across all of their IDs and devices using identifiers from retailers and brands, such as email, loyalty, mobile, and cookie-based. The hashed email addresses are collected through ownerIQ’s Digital Checkout Tag (DCT) placed at the checkout of their partner’s e-commerce pages.

With better audience match rates and infrastructure economics, ARIA is a smarter and more efficient way for ownerIQ to ingest and utilize retail and brand data versus using alternative identity resolution options. This is a step towards retailers and brands leveraging their data assets to identify their shared customer and understand their path to purchase.

“Our focus is on empowering brands and retailers to share marketing assets transparently for mutual benefit,” says Eric Leist, Director Mobile Platform at ownerIQ. “When retailers and brands use our digital nexus to get a full picture of their customers, they make smarter marketing decisions and see significantly higher returns.”

ownerIQ is using ARIA to immediately upgrade their popular in-store attribution report which measures the direct impact of advertisers’ digital advertising campaigns on actual sales at their physical stores. ARIA is also being used to power ownerIQ’s cross-device attribution report.

“Retailers and brand marketers have been skeptical of store lift studies and foot-traffic as KPIs for measuring the offline success of digital marketing, eagerly looking for more dependable data solutions that scale. By connecting data from their CRM, In-Store Sales, and Online Browsing and Purchase activity ownerIQ provides that solution leveraging our ARIA technology to provide verified, deterministic customer attribution”, says Eric Leist, Director Mobile Platform.

Through the ARIA project and others, ownerIQ will continue to empower and enable brands and retailers to transparently share their marketing assets for mutual benefit. Being able to share their data safely and securely helps retailers and brands use the full picture of their shoppers to make smarter marketing decisions.

About ownerIQ
ownerIQ is driven by the idea that retailers, brands and all marketers should operate in a transparent data economy. We created a thriving second-party data marketplace to provide this transparency to our partners and their data more relevant and effective. Today, over 800+ Retailer and Product Brand marketers use the ownerIQ platform to maximize their data asset. As a result, these partners contribute over 3 billion shopping behaviors and $1 B e-commerce transactions per month to our data cloud, which marketers and programmatic advertisers use to power media activations (online advertising campaigns). ownerIQ was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Boston, MA with offices in NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle. For more information, visit www.ownerIQ.com.

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