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New Self-Serve Dashboards in CoEx!

ownerIQ is providing more robust and accessible client reporting capabilities into our dashboards within CoEx. We have developed multiple new dashboards that give our clients valuable insights into their campaign performance.

These reports can be found under the Campaign reporting section of CoEx: Reports>Campaign (New!)

Store Reporting: The Store Report dashboard highlights ownerIQ’s impressively accurate geo-weighting abilities for store-targeted campaigns. The report shows:

  • A map of targeted store locations
  • Heatmap(s) of impression delivery
  • Histograms of impression delivery by miles to the nearest targeted store
  • Impression delivery broken out by nearest targeted store

Cross Device Attribution Reporting: The Cross Device Attribution Report dashboard provides a 360° view of consumers and their online shopping behavior across their numerous devices. This report breaks out:

  • Conversions by device type
  • Impressions that drove conversions by device type
  • % of total conversions identified by cross device methodology

Converter Analytics Reporting: The Converter Analytics Report dashboard provides insights on a brand’s online audience conversion behavior based on ownerIQ’s proprietary data. This report includes:

  • Time to conversion metrics for the campaign and average user within that campaign
  • Distribution of conversions by days from last impression
  • Conversion metrics by state, day of week, and hour


Custom Dashboards: ownerIQ grants you the ability to create your own custom dashboards using saved looks and looks from other dashboard reports, to come up with a unique visual to suit your specific reporting needs.

Have questions on our new dashboards? Please contact your ownerIQ account manager or simply contact customersupport@owneriq.com. Stay tuned for more news and information on CoEx!

— Team ownerIQ

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