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Employee Spotlight: Darren Nicastro

Q’mmunity Corner
Darren Nicastro, Customer Success Manager

You know our products, you know our tech… but do you know the people behind it all? Step into our Q’mmunity Corner and learn who’s who with our employee spotlight series. Today we’re featuring Darren Nicastro, Customer Success Manager based in ownerIQ’s Boston office.


What’s the first thing you do in the morning:
Make chocolate milk for my kids, read news headlines on my phone and then walk my dog.

Take us through a typical day in the life of Darren:
Typically, I’ll catch the 8:01am commuter rail train from Canton Junction. I like to listen to a good podcast on the way in, lately it has been a mix of the Joe Rogan Experience, Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast and 30 for 30.
Once I arrive at the office, I boot up my laptop and make my way to the kitchen for a cold brew coffee. I’ll usually bump into Caroline Fong around the water cooler and chat for a bit about life (we seem to be on the same coffee/water schedule these days!). Once I settle back at my desk, I like to start the day by reviewing active self serve accounts, the self serve customer support queue and searching for incremental revenue opportunities.
I then prepare for any client demos on my schedule for the day, follow up on cold leads and circle back with active self serve leads on my book of business.
Around noon I’ll grab a quick bite to eat. I force myself to eat Sweetgreen at least once a week but often I’ll walk to Mul’s diner in Southie for my usual two eggs over easy, home fries and wheat toast.
My afternoon is a mix of meetings, demos, troubleshooting self serve technical support issues, getting feedback from Sales Enablement, TradeDesk, Platform & Client Services teams and submitting app support tickets where needed.
I’ll usually end the day with a few west coast calls before coming home to walk my dog, hit the gym and scarf down a quick dinner before bed.

You’re most productive when…
There is Q cold brew in my Yeti tumbler.

What’s a big project you are working on right now?
ACDelco July Self Serve Launch.

How many browser tabs do you have open at any given time?

Your desk: messy or neat?
I like to think of it as an organized mess.

Lunch: bring or buy?

What’s your favorite perk at the Q?
Cold brew coffee and beer. Also I’m a huge fan of the Q store, I’m a power buyer there!

Music while you work: yes or no?

What’s on your shuffle?
Audioslave, Bring Me the Horizon, Aesop Rock, Jay Z.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A secret agent like 007 James Bond.

If money weren’t an object and you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

You get around by: walking, driving, public transportation or a mix?
It’s a mix.

Tell us, mountain or beach?

When you’re not here, where are you?
Home, the gym, the playground with my kids, at Altitude Trampoline Park with my kids, the movies, fishing or golfing.

If you have one we’ve got to know, what’s our favorite Q Jay moment?
Jay running to my desk in the old office last summer late one afternoon to tell me a retailer had $350k to run on self service for an upcoming two week campaign. I remember no SLAs, turnaround time less than 24 hours, jumping out of my chair and getting on the phone with Casey Ryan all at the same time. Big adrenaline rush!

Looking ahead – what most excites you most about 2019 and your work?
The ability to optimize, report and measure against in store POS data. I am always looking forward to working closely on Boston, Midwest and West Coast self service opportunities.

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