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Employee Spotlight: Zach Cundiff

Q’mmunity Corner
Zach Cundiff, Engineering Manager

You know our products, you know our tech… but do you know the people behind it all? Step into our Q’mmunity Corner and learn who’s who with our employee spotlight series. Today we’re featuring Zach Cundiff, Engineering Manager based in ownerIQ’s Seattle office.


What’s the first thing you do in the morning:
Put in my contacts and check email.

Take us through a typical day in the life of Zach:
I wake up at 5, drive to the park and ride, take a bus to the ferry terminal, take the ferry across the Puget Sound, take another bus to the office, get in around 7:30. Then I get coffee, check email again, and inspect Grafana to ensure that everything on our platform is running smoothly. Then it’s meetings, working on current projects and/or working on specifications for future projects. After work, I commute home, cook dinner, spend a little time with my family, and I’m in bed by 9.

You’re most productive when…
I first get in. I usually have a couple of hours before the rest of my team arrives, and I can focus on pressing matters without interruption.

What’s a big project you are working on right now?
Cross-device targeting. I’m really excited to begin using our extensive ARIA graph within the core bidders. It has the potential to increase our reach substantially and drive more delivery into mobile channels.

How many browser tabs do you have open at any given time?
Right now? 32.

Your desk: messy or neat?
It’s a disaster. I still have papers from early 2016 on here (and not important ones).

Lunch: bring or buy?

What’s your favorite perk at the Q?
The people, really.

Music while you work: yes or no?

What’s on your shuffle?
Ska, mostly. I’m still riding the third wave, and holding out hope for a fourth.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A software developer. I’m living the dream.

If money weren’t an object and you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Anywhere with a hammock.

You get around by: walking, driving, public transportation or a mix?
A mix of walking, driving and public transportation.

Tell us, mountain or beach?

When you’re not here, where are you?
Commuting. On the weekends, I try to relax and enjoy some time with my kids.

If you have one then we’ve got to know… what’s your favorite Q Jay (Jay Habegger, CEO) moment?
Whenever he visits the Seattle office and has time to chat with us.

Looking ahead – what most excites you most about 2019 and your work?
Continuing to advance ARIA. Bringing on more data sources, expanding capabilities, improving algorithms, testing new technologies, and everything else mobile and cross-device related.

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