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Looking Back: Top Products and Brands of Summer 2019

If you’ve seen our content on Back to School and Holiday planning, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve spent a lot of time looking ahead to the big selling periods remaining this year. However, as the philosopher Søren Kierkegaard said, “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

…Okay, maybe that’s a bit too deep for a blog post, but we definitely DO agree that sometimes it’s good to slow down and look back at what’s happened recently and check to see if there are lessons to be learned. In that spirit, with Summer 2019 winding down (we know, sorry), we took a look back at the most popular products and brands that consumers interacted with online since Memorial Day.

Everyone knows that Summer is a popular time to take vacations – kids are off from school and work always seems to slow down during the summer months. Our online activity data proved just how popular vacations were, though, with Travel and Entertainment product interactions coming in at nearly double the second most popular product category, Office Supplies. Other notable members of our list include rental cars, which tie into the summer vacation story, and study guides which, along with office supplies, makes us think people got an early head start on back to school shopping.

The top brands of the summer tell a similar story, strongly indicating that shoppers were quick to hit their back to school shopping lists and hitting the road for some summer vacations. HP and LG are not only popular home appliance and electronics brands, but also favorites of students and parents alike. Beyond school supplies, however, popular brands included home improvement and landscaping manufacturer, Troy-Bilt, specialty running brand, ASICS, and sound specialty manufacturer, Klipsch. So either shoppers had a diverse set of projects and interests this summer, including home improvement, new fitness goals, and better sound experiences, OR, hear us out, everyone decided that the best way to mow a lawn was by sprinting and blasting music at the same time.

If you’re interested in learning more about what products and brands were most popular on YOUR website or if you want to explore this type of transparent second party data on a deeper level, check out ownerIQ’s integrated tech platform, CoEx. With CoEx, we give retailers and brands the framework to turn their data assets into addressable audiences. From organizing data according to custom taxonomies to accessing 2nd party data that’s been normalized against ownerIQ’s taxonomy down to the product and SKU level, advertisers can use these data sets to build custom segments for targeting, modeling, optimization and reporting across all of their digital ad campaigns.

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