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Are You Reaching Real Shoppers this Holiday Season?

ownerIQ enables brands and retailers to reach 65% of active US consumers


Pop quiz! According to the 2017 US Population Data, what is the United States population over the age of 18? If you guessed 245MM, either you’re very caught up on US demographics or you clicked the link above (cheater). Either way, the point is that there are a lot of people in the US that are what most advertisers would consider “consumer targets.” But when you’re planning and executing your holiday campaigns this Q4, how can you be sure you’re reaching the right person in a field of nearly 250MM people?

In an internal audit, ownerIQ confirmed that we have recent shopping data on 180MM consumers in the U.S. External verification through major identity resolution partners corroborated this number.*

While this scale is certainly impressive (if we may say so ourselves), what really matters is the data behind each of these consumers. Using ARIA, our identity resolution graph, we are able to tie specific product and SKU-level shopping interactions, both online and in-store, to actual consumer identifiers and build incredibly detailed shopper profiles across a range of categories. This enables marketers on the ownerIQ platform to leverage these real shopping interactions with a product or service for targeting and attribution purposes. Additionally, with an average match rate of over 80%** for in-store transactions (when PII is included) marketers can close the loop between digital media and offline sales.

For example, a consumer electronics brand wants to drive sales of laptops to students and their parents on Black Friday. Using ownerIQ’s identity resolution solution, we can track shoppers that have shopped not only for laptops to signal they are in-market for that product, but also school supplies, clothing, and other college supplies, which indicate they are a student or shopping for one. Additionally, the advertiser can layer on data from past Black Friday purchasers to inform targeting and enhance optimizations. Finally, they can measure the impact of their campaign with online and in-store sales attribution that ties sales to real people. These complete profiles provide a better picture of the ideal target for a campaign, eliminating waste and increasing likelihood of success.

As you’re getting your holiday campaigns set up, make sure you’re reaching the actual consumers you want to reach with your ads. ownerIQ’s CoEx platform is uniquely designed to provide transparency, accuracy, and scale in all audience targeting. This focus also translates to reporting and attribution, so the quality of the data coming out of your campaigns match that of the data powering them. If you’re interested in taking advantage of the scale of ownerIQ’s transparent shopper data, contact your ownerIQ sales rep or request a CoEx demo today!

Sources: *Liveramp, **Independant Matching Partners


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