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Employee Spotlight: Alexia Pagones

Q’mmunity Corner
Alexia Pagones, Senior Account Manager

You know our products, you know our tech… but do you know the people behind it all? Step into our Q’mmunity Corner and learn who’s who with our employee spotlight series. Today we’re featuring Alexia Pagones, Senior Account Manager based in ownerIQ’s Boston office.


What’s the first thing you do in the morning:
Find as many shots of espresso as my cup, and heart, can handle (typically 4).

Take us through a typical day in the life of Alexia:
Whenever I can [will myself], I try to wake up and get a workout in before heading to the office a bit early. I spend the first part of the morning digging through email and doing the smaller things I didn’t get to the day(s) before so I can finally cross those off my list and then make sure my “to-do” list is as updated as possible. I spend the bulk of my day in meetings, working on client reports and asks and helping with any current internal projects I might be helping out with (occasionally breaking for online shopping or a scroll through Facebook because we’re all human). Once I head home, there are only 2 things I’m laser-focused on: dinner and bedtime. Whenever possible, I like to play chef (really make my Yia Yia proud) and whip up something delicious. From there it’s really all about finding a good movie or TV show to toss on before I physically feel my eyes closing on me.

You’re most productive when…
It’s early in the morning and there’s really no one in the office and no emails flooding in….yet.

What’s a big project you are working on right now?
Training! Currently working to help revise the training program for new account managers.

How many browser tabs do you have open at any given time?
Depends on the window (haha) but at least 3-4 per window and 3 windows at a time.

Your desk: messy or neat?
I like to think of it as an organized mess…

Lunch: bring or buy?

What’s your favorite perk at the Q?
Probably the coffee machine… haha.

Music while you work: yes or no?

If yes, what’s on your shuffle?
I’m all about listening to music — but if I truly want to focus then I can’t because I spend more time focusing on the music than whatever I’m doing.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
An adult.

If money weren’t an object and you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I think it depends on the life stage, but overall it would be somewhere warm near water with a ton of land and vegetation.

You get around by: walking, driving, public transportation or a mix?

Tell us, mountain or beach?

When you’re not here, where are you?

Looking ahead – what most excites you most about 2019 and your work?
I’m really excited to see what the training program looks like when it’s fully revised, as well as to see how some of my accounts will grow in the coming months and next year.

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