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CoEx makes data privacy control transparent and easy


Worried about your organization’s data sharing strategy in the age of regulation? With the CoEx platform, control every aspect of your data.


As the new year begins, data privacy and security are THE hot button issues sweeping across the entire digital advertising industry. Retailers, brands, and publishers are all taking steps to ensure the data of website visitors and customers remains secure and in compliance with new regulations. Some are going so far as to end any data-sharing practices, driven by the lack of transparency into how data is used and who ultimately obtains that information.

The CoEx Platform is the leading data and media technology when it comes to data provider transparency and control. Its interface is designed to allow any data partner to control not only how its data is shared within the marketplace (if at all), but also to track who is using their data and how it is being used.

Below are some examples of how CoEx is leading the way in data control:

1. Visibility into all sharing programs that you are currently enrolled in

Available for any advertiser or data partner with a CoEx account, the “Sharing Programs” page shows you exactly how your data is being shared1 within the CoEx Marketplace if you’ve elected to do so. If you have concerns over your data sharing program or want to stop sharing your data, that’s fine! Rather than removing the ownerIQ pixels from your website and disrupting data flow that could be useful for your own advertising efforts, you can simply opt out of including your data in all sharing programs across the CoEx platform. This ensures that any data collected in the future or previously collected by ownerIQ will still be visible to you, but will no longer be eligible for sharing.

2. Control over data types that are shared

If you’re concerned about which types of data are being collected and/or shared within the CoEx platform, the “Data Sources” page gives every partner a detailed look at every data source it is sharing with CoEx and what fields are collected by each source. So, for instance, if your organization feels that its online data is compliant with regulations and is the only data source fit to be shared, you can select that specific data group for sharing and “turn off” all other sources. This allows all of your data to remain in the CoEx platform for your own use in advertising and analytics, but prevents access for any other party.

3. Transparent data usage reporting

Once you’ve determined which types of data you wish to share within CoEx, our customizable reporting will transparently show which advertisers have used your data within a given time period. Not only does this give you visibility into which advertisers are using your data, but also lets you track how many impressions were served using your data. Have confidence that changes made within the platform have been enacted.

If you’re interested in learning more about ownerIQ’s stance on privacy and CCPA, you can find more information in our blog post here.

1 “Sharing” in CoEx refers to the act of allowing another advertiser to run ad campaigns leveraging your data. The advertiser is not provided any raw shopper data. The ad campaign can then be managed through CoEx or within another DSP with which we have contracted, ensuring the data owner always maintains control.

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