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The Only Behavior Advertisters Care About

We’ve been participating in and watching the rise of behavioral targeting very closely. Behavioral Targeting is one of the latest techniques for targeting online advertising. The idea is to focus on individuals, and their actions, rather than relying on site demographics. As typically used by the leading Behavioral Targeting firms, the online browsing behavior of […]

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What Do Consumers Need Help With? Not What You Think

We’re in possession of some unique data on product ownership and consumer behavior. One of the things that we look at each month is the list of specific products generating the most help inquiries. These inquires take the form of a user downloading a manual, participating in a discussion forum, or just deciding that this […]

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Banner Ads: Flawed, Or Just User Error?

For a long time now Internet display advertising – banners — has been derided as ineffective. Indeed, display advertising is the butt of most jokes about Internet advertising. As recently as yesterday, I was listening to a pitch from a start-up company where the CEO went to great lengths to distance the offering of her […]

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