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What Does A Start Up CEO Really Do?

by Jay Habegger This blog is really intended to discuss the things we’re doing here at OwnerIQ. However, as a start-up CEO, I’ve received so many forwards and comments on this post by VC Fred Wilson that I feel compelled to comment on it. Not to take anything away from the colleague who gave Fred […]

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Walking the RTB Talk

By Chris Back Realtime bidding (RTB) as part of a DSP’s offering has gone from being a distinguishing capability that sets a DSP apart to functionality that is now considered table-stakes. Despite this shift in perception about RTB, there is still significant confusion about the precise advantages of RTB and why it all matters. A […]

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The Online Path-To-Purchase

Originally posted on TWICE.com by Jay Habegger A manufacturer’s website is its single most important marketing tool. This isn’t hyperbole. This is the current reality. The retail world for consumer durable goods — considered purchases such as CE equipment and appliances — has changed so radically over the last decade because of the Internet that […]

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Drinking From The Fire Hose

by Chris Back Real-Time-Bidding (RTB) for ad impressions is tremendously powerful. But, to make it work in practice there are plenty of technology challenges that have to be addressed by a demand-side-platform (DSP). In particular, the number of ad opportunities that have to be examined to decide which ones are of interest is something akin […]

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Give Manuals Their Due!

by Connie Johnson It’s about time product manuals got their due! A recent story on Forbes.com talks about how companies should change their view on product documentation from, at best, a necessary evil and instead view them as an asset that can improve the business. At OwnerIQ we’ve believed that for quite some time and […]

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