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“Down’n Dirty” – Or – Brandsafe?

by Jay Habegger I recently attended a meeting with a knowledgeable online marketer. During the course of the conversation she made a comment about how the inventory flowing through ad exchanges was “down’n dirty” and perhaps not suitable for brand conscious campaigns. This is a perspective that I hear frequently. And, there is no denying […]

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A New Look For ManualsOnline

by Chris Parker ManualsOnline.com, our product support property, has a new home page design aimed at helping our users better navigate through the site to solve their product problems. About 4 million consumers per month use ManualsOnline to locate user manuals and other product support information. Additionally, ManualsOnline has over 2 million registered members who […]

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What the Wall Street Journal Got Right & Wrong

by Jay Habegger The Wall Street Journal started a series this past Saturday entitled “What They Know” that explores the emerging industry of data-driven online advertising. The articles from Saturday, and the subsequent articles in the series, make positive contributions to the public discussion, but they have also served, unfortunately, to set that conversation back […]

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Online Research, Offline Purchase In Canada

by Jay Habegger The evidence just keeps mounting that the path-to-purchase is rapidly shifting to be dependent on online activity. NPD group just released a E-Commerce Channel Report Canada that touches on this trend in Canada. According to Pam Buckley of NPD Group, “Access to retailer and manufacturer websites has already changed the way people […]

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Your Age As A Function of the Features on Your Cell Phone

By Jay Habegger A recent survey by TWICE magazine and MarketSource provides yet another example of how market research can be “reversed” and used by advertisers. Although this study is not detailed enough to be prescriptive about precise segmentation of products and brands, it is sufficient to suggest a hypothesis and a method for building […]

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