Employee Spotlight: Evan Cordeiro

Q’mmunity Corner Evan Cordeiro, Principal Software Engineer You know our products, you know our tech… but do you know the people behind it all? Step into our Q’mmunity Corner and learn who’s who with our employee spotlight series. Today we’re featuring Evan Cordeiro, Principal Software Engineer based in ownerIQ’s Boston office.   What’s the first […]

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Get the Most Out of Purchase Data with ownerIQ

  • by Steve Ustaris
  • Jun 20, 2019

Learn how retailers are leveraging the power of purchase data to target, optimize, and measure their digital advertising    In a recent study conducted by MightyHive, “The Data Confident Marketer,” fewer than 1 in 20 marketers believe they’ve tapped more than 80% of 1st party data’s potential. To address this “opportunity cost,” many marketers at […]

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What you need to know about CCPA

  • by Tara Powell
  • May 30, 2019

By now, you’ve probably heard that California passed a privacy law which goes into effect in 2020.  Below is general information about it. If you already know the basic information and you want to cut to the chase about working with ownerIQ, skip down to How will ownerIQ comply? and How will working with ownerIQ […]

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Is It Time for a Data Diet?

Find out how to get your data ready for summer advertising in four easy steps Check out our shareable infographic here! Step 1) Assess Your Data Habits  With Spring starting, we’re reminded that Summer and all that it entails is right around the corner. Many of us are noticing the few extra cookies from the […]

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