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The “Value” of Third-Party Data

Hello, digital advertisers. I am a 40-49-year-old located in Quincy, MA. My interests include luxury automobiles, arts and crafts, toy collecting, and celebrity gossip. I am an avid reader of the daily newspaper. I am interested in buying baby toys, home appliances, board games, and home improvement products. I have recently chosen Verizon as my […]

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Unlock the Possibilities of Your Website

When thinking about your digital advertising and marketing strategies, here are some hard-hitting stats for you to consider: Less than 10% of consumers are buying directly from your brand’s e-commerce channel. The vast majority (nearly 90%) will leave without making a purchase on your brand’s website. So how do you best take advantage of the […]

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Why Your DSP Isn’t Enough for Programmatic Success

Programmatic advertising and marketing technology is something that most of us are familiar with – or so we think. Sure, you might know what everyone else knows, picturing some form of the definition: technology that automates the process of buying digital media inventory. You may have also heard that programmatic comes with a slew of […]

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Dealerscope asks “Is ownerIQ the New King of Data?”

Bob Scaglione, SVP of ownerIQ talks at his ‘Peer into the New Reality of Data-Sharing’ panel at CE Week 2016. “The best way to describe second-party data is to describe what it’s not,”Bob Scaglione, Senior Vice President of ownerIQ said after his panel at CE Week New York. First-party and third-party data have widely been […]

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